Renew your business name

To renew your business name quickly and easily, we recommend our 'Pay now' service. We'll send you a reminder notice 30 days before your renewal is due.

Renew your business name

Here you will find all the information you need to know on renewing your business name in Australia.

This includes guidance on business name renewal fees, what the renewal period options are, how you will be notified of an upcoming renewal as well as an outline of what happens after you have renewed.

Fees for renewing

  • one year for a fee of $34

  • three years for a discounted fee of $80.

'Renew your company' scam emails

We're aware of some emails that have been circulating lately claiming to be from ASIC and demanding payment to renew your business. If you receive one, do not open it. Just delete the email from your inbox.

For more information about scams and what to look out for, visit Scams targeting ASIC customers

Things you need to know


Options for renewing

Check out the two options available to renew your business name.

Private service providers

You can choose to register or renew your business name directly with ASIC using ASIC Connect, or use a private service provider (PSP).

What to do if you have not received your record of registration or renewal notice

How to request a re-print if you do not receive your record of registration or renewal notice.

Support for business names

Need more help? See our support for business names page for easy-to-understand user guides about ASIC Connect and managing your business name online.

You can also watch our YouTube video on renewing your business name.

Seeking more information on how we manage your business name?

Download our Regulatory Guide 235 or feel free to Ask us a question online.

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Last updated: 01/05/2014 12:00