ASIC's role in markets and clearing and settlement A financial market is a facility through which offers to buy and sell financial products are regularly made. Anyone who operates a financial market in Australia must obtain a licence to do so, or otherwise be exempted by the Minister.
ASIC's approach to exercising delegated powers Certain Ministerial powers relating to financial market and clearing and settlement facility matters have been delegated to ASIC.
Market supervision This section contains information about the transfer of market surveillance powers from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and other markets to ASIC.
Market supervision cost recovery The market supervision cost recovery regime recovers funding the Government provides for ASIC's market supervision functions since the transfer of market supervision to ASIC on 1 August 2010.
Market structure On 29 April 2011, ASIC released new market integrity rules for competition in exchange markets.
Market integrity rules These rules are made by ASIC and apply to market operators, market participants, other prescribed entities and financial products traded on the relevant markets.
Licensed financial markets List of domestic markets and overseas markets that have been licensed by the Minister to operate in Australia
Licensed clearing and settlement facilities List of licensed clearing and settlement (CS) facilities that have been licensed by the Minister to operate in Australia.
Licensed and prescribed derivative trade repositories List of Australian Derivative Trade Repository (ADTR) licence holders and information about prescribed derivative trade repositories
Exempt markets List of facilities that have been exempted by the Minister from the markets licensing provisions.
Exempt CS facilities List of CS facilities that have been exempted by the Minister from the CS facility licensing provisions.
Market assessment reports Under the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act) ASIC has the power to assess how well the operator of a market and/or CS facility is complying with their obligations under the Corporations Act.

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ASIC updates licence conditions on OpenMarkets Australia Limited

3 August 2017

ASIC and OpenMarkets have agreed for an independent expert to monitor, evaluate and report on Openmarkets' implementation of recommendations arising from an independent review of its trading and compliance arrangements.

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ASIC Market Liaison Meeting

31 July 2017

ASIC's market stakeholders are invited to attend the next Market Liaison Meeting on 15 August in Sydney and Melbourne

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ASIC accepts EU from NSX market participant

28 July 2017

We have accepted an EU from Avalon Pacific Capital Pty Ltd in relation to its dealing in securities of five overseas registered companies listed on the NSX

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ASIC consults on revised licence regime for domestic and overseas market operators

20 July 2017

We are consulting on proposals to update ASIC’s regulatory guidance on the licensing regime for financial markets.

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Market Integrity Update

20 July 2017

The latest issue of the Market Integrity Update is now available.

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